Behind the screen!


Behind the screen!


Build and grow your business online.

We specialize in building websites and growing businesses onlineWe do this by designing strong brands, applying creative thinking to solve key business objectives, and connecting customers through engaging content.

the process

How we work!

  • Identify your customers, how they will be using your website and under what conditions they will be using it.
  • We identify business requirements and customer goals that need to be met.
  • Create design solutions.
  • Evaluate outcomes and iterate.
Gain understanding.
We make it our mission to understand your business, so that the brand we design is authentic and original.
Problem solving.

We apply our creative thinking to design digital solutions to achieve your unique business needs.

Digital ecosystem.

We think organically to connect people to your business by building a digital ecosystem.

Grow your business.

We constantly evaluate outcomes, making adjustments, and aligning your business for success.

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Kirsten Rossiter

As a visionary, I am driven by innovative ideas that solve problems, create new pathways and expand limited possibilities into broad opportunities. Through out-of-the-box thinking and intuitive analysis, I evaluate and explore from various angles, how to build businesses through multiple streams across the board.

As a creative, with a background in graphic design, illustration, music/songwriting and blogging, I approach life through a multi-faceted lens… looking for what is easily overlooked, and connecting dots that seem incompatible, but yet, when synchronized intuitively, creates a symphony of the spectacular.

ui designer

Warren Rossiter

I am a User Interface Designer with a focus on branding and web design. I have a keen interest in helping entrepreneurs get their businesses online and helping online businesses grow.

With a keen eye for detail, my work is carefully crafted with pixel perfect precision. I enjoy working with typography and negative space giving my work a classical, understated and clean visual style that is fresh and won’t quickly date.

A natural and intuitive problem-solver, I see every project as an opportunity to identify creative solutions that grow businesses online.

I live in Cape Town with my family. When I am not designing, I enjoy skateboarding with my kids, grabbing a coffee down the road and walking my dog on the beach.


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